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Gradient Backgrounds

A curated list of the best gradient websites across the… 

  • 84

UI Goodies

Useful resources for designers and UI developers (via… 

  • 112

Laws of UX

A collection of the maxims and principles that designers… 

  • 367

Dark Patterns

A collection of websites tricking you into doing things… 

  • 441


A living collection of brand-focused UI design examples. 

  • 374

UI Movement

The best UI design inspiration, daily. 

  • 3.4K

Hello Many

Curated Themes, UI Kits, Icon Sets and more, from the… 

  • 800

UI Garage

Specific mobile and web design patterns for your… 

  • 915

Pixel Hours

Curated visual bookmarks collection for designers &… 

  • 1.2K

UI Patterns

Ready to use, downloadable UI pattern examples with source… 

  • 945

Little Big Details

Your daily, curated dose of design inspiration. 

  • 681

LOL Colors

Curated color palette inspiration. 

  • 4.8K

Color Hunt

Curated collection of beautiful colors, updated daily 

  • 2.2K

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