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Highly curated resources for every stage of your startup… 

  • 242

From Startups For Startups

Curated interviews & podcasts for startups and… 

  • 560

Maker Collections

Hand-curated collections of resources for Makers (via… 

  • 321


A curated marketplace where side projects founders can… 

  • 407

Product Manual

Curated resources for product people. (via @lucasraert and… 

  • 404

Look at that SaaS

Inspiration and resources for SaaS founders. 

  • 513


A hand-picked directory of the best resources to build a… 

  • 354

Startup Growth Stack

A curated list of unique deals for startup growth 

  • 502

Startup Collections

Startup Collections provides resources and tools for… 

  • 780

Transparent Startups

Discover startups with transparent revenue numbers. 

  • 1.1K

Startups List

Collections of the best startups in different places. 

  • 835


A curated directory of tools, templates and libraries to… 

  • 1.3K

Data Stash

A curated list of data tools to help you make better… 

  • 966

Design for Startup

Curated list of useful articles, tools and resources about… 

  • 1K

Founder Catalog

What the world’s most influential founders and… 

  • 1K

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